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Inventory #614662
2006 VW Jetta
Comfortline Model
Red Spice Exterior (LA3W)
Grey Cloth Interior
BGP 2.5L Engine
HRM Tiptronic Transmission
183 510 KM
Date In: 17/11/2016

We have a low mileage 2.5L Jetta in for parts at Das Parts. This car has some bumps and bruises but has a lot of great parts to offer.

The engine and transmission both function perfectly and are in fantastic condition, great for any vehicle that may need them. Most of the body panels are in god shape as well, with the exception of the door which have some dents from daily wear and tear and the trunk which is starting to bubble up.

The interior is well kept, and all electronics work as intended. On a full vehicle scan the radio and LF door module showed significant faults, but the rest of the modules were error free.

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