We at Das Parts are focused on providing you with the best quality parts and superior service for your car at an affordable rate.

Das Parts was started by Volkswagen Owners and Enthusiasts with other Volkswagen Owners and Enthusiasts in mind. The goal was to have a reliable and trusted place to go for parts. Like many others, we at Das Parts have a passion for working on cars and modifying them, and we always had a hard time getting the parts we needed. Whether it was overpriced auto parts stores, picked over junkyards who always put a premium on “import” parts, or having to buy from the States and pay outrageous duties and shipping, there was no solution. Then came Das Parts.

Das Parts started as a one man show on November 15th, 2013, in a small back alley single bay garage in Kitchener, Ontario. After less than 3 months, the space had been out grown and it was time for a change. I picked up everything we had, which wasn’t very much at that time, and moved into a glorious 3000 sqft shop in Cambridge. Das Parts spent the next 2.5 years there, growing and expanding, and dismantling many cars.

Recently, we also got on board certified VW mechanics, to provide you with a superior service, install & repair for your Volkswagen or Audi.

Today, we are located at 1177 Franklin Blvd, where we have setup two service and dismantling stations and over 4500 sqft of industrial racking in the warehouse to hold all of the parts, and a nice showroom where we display a little bit of everything we carry.

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