That’s me, the guy writing this. I am the founder of Das Parts, and the person you interact with when you contact Das Parts via phone, text, email, or Facebook. I’m also the person you get greeted by when you walk in our store, and I do my best to find what you’re looking for when you come visit us. When I first started, it was a one man show, but as Das Parts expanded, I've handed off roles to others so we can all work together, and grow as a whole.

Brody is our dismantler. He is responsible for testing and scanning all of our parts cars before they come in to be dismantled, and he also takes everything apart for us. Brody dismantles 1-2 cars a week here. Although he is usually busy in our warehouse, you may recognize him as he also helps with loading larger items into vehicles, and if you need your vehicle scanned, he is the one that does that too!

Anita is our parts order and shippments delivery / pick-up gal. When in the office, she is working on the computer trying to organize the mass amounts of paperwork we send her way. She also helps out in the showroom when we are super busy, and she is always happy to be around at the shows and events.

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