SERVICE - install - repair - maintenance - safety - diagnostic
Beside parts, we are also offering a superior service for your Volkswagen or Audi. With a Volkswagen Certified Mechanics on board, and with our extensive knowledge & experience, we are confident that we can address your every need - from Oil Change to Engine Swap, we got it all !
At the $110 +hst, our labour rate is very competitive among euro model shops.

Don’t know what's wrong? We offer computer diagnostics service with a complete parts & service quote.
Not sure how to install it? No problem, we offer installation for your parts and upgrades too.

- Minimum Diagnostics Fee:  1 Hour Labour

- Safety Standard Certificate:  $149.99 +HST

- Synthetic Oil Changes Starting at $99.99 +HST (Includes 5L Oil and OEM Filter, Additional Oil: $11.99 +HST per 1 Liter)

- Timing Belt + Water Pump Service (Includes Parts & Coolant Flush)
    - Mk4 2.0L - $716.81 +HST
    - Mk4 1.8T  - $778.76 +HST
    - Mk4 TDI - $867.26 +HST
    - Mk5 BRM TDI - $867.26 +HST
    - Mk5 FSI 2.0T - $867.26 +HST
    - Mk5/6 CR TDI - $946.90+HST
    - Mk6 2.0L - $752.21 +HST
    - B5/B6 1.8T - $858.41 +HST
    - B5 TDI - $867.26 +HST
    - B7 2.0T - $893.81 +HST
    - 2015 TDI - $1106.20 +HST

- Mk4 Coilover Install $439.99 +HST

- Mk5/6 Coilover Install $549.99 +HST

- Seasonal Wheel & Tire Swap $49.99 +HST

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