At Das Parts we are a one stop Volkswagen Audi parts shop, that has all the parts your Volkswagen will ever need under one roof!

We carry New, Used, Genuine, and Aftermarket parts all at the same location. We are the Volkswagen parts specialists, and are fluent in Volkswagen. Das Parts is always available to help troubleshoot, or just chit-chat about your car.

We strive to not only have all the parts you will ever need, but to have the best prices on those parts. We believe that there is no reason you should be forced to overpay for your car parts, and we do our best to make sure that you never do when you shop with us. From used parts, to new parts, to genuine parts, and even to aftermarket parts, we pride ourselves on having the best deals in town!

We are open for business 6 days a week at our in-store location in Cambridge Ontario, where we're always happy to see you. You're welcome to come browse our showroom and take in the latest in what we have to offer. If you need some parts but can’t make it out to our location, that’s okay too, you are welcome to contact us by phone, text, email, or Facebook and we can ship whatever parts you need right to your door as well!

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