2003 Volkswagen Passat
4.0L W8 (BDP) ,
GAK 5 spd Auto

In for parts today is this sweet W8 Passat! This Passat not only has a massive 4.0L W8 Engine stuffed under the hood, but is equipped with a 4motion all wheel drive system as well! The automatic transmission helps send the power to the ground and it all works flawlessly together, no faults in any of the drivetrain. Would be great for a swap into an older VW or similar! Not just the drivetrain is cool here though, this Passat is fully loaded with all the bells and whistles, W8 chrome trimmed door cards, dash, and taillights, full screen Cluster (can be swapped into Mk4), leather seats, Xenon headlamps, and much more! Interested in parts from this car? Shot us a message or give us a call before they are all gone!
Vehicle ID:
Indigo Blue Metallic (LB5N)
Tan Leather
232,220 km
Date Processed:
11 January 2019