2006 Volkswagen Passat
3.6L VR6 (BLV) ,
09G 6 spd Auto

We have in for parts our very first 3.6L VR6 vehicle. This engine is really something else with loads of power and an exhaust note to die for. The engine runs strong with nothing more than a few random misfire codes, but it will need the timing chains serviced as they are starting to make an audible amount of noise. The engine, harness, ecu, and all accessories will be available together as a swap for those interested. The transmission is also great, over the 500+ kilometers of both hot and cold testing we did, the trans did not slip up at all. The body is not in bad shape either. The hood, trunk, and RF fender all have some rust, but the other panels, including all 4 doors, are in great condition. The interior is very nice as well, and shows very little wear.
Vehicle ID:
Universal Black (L041)
Black Leather
271,430 km
Date Processed:
06 September 2017