2008 Volkswagen Golf City
2.0L 8V (BEV) ,
JBQ 02J 5 spd Manual

We have in for parts this week at Das Parts a City Golf. This vehicle came to us with a few parts missing but still has plenty to offer. The majority of the body panels are present and in good shape. The front bumper has a 6-8” crack on the driver side and the rear bumper has a ding on the passenger side. The interior is in good shape with a cupholder console and working glovebox. The engine does have a misfire, and after a compression test it was noticed that cylinder 4 is over 60PSI less than the reaming 3, so the piston rings are deemed no good, but the head is available. The transmission is smooth and shifts great, and all the suspension is in great shape.
Vehicle ID:
Candy White (LB9A)
Grey Cloth
201,440 km
Date Processed:
20 March 2017