2009 Volkswagen Jetta
2.5L (CBTA/CBUA) ,
KEL 09G 6 spd Auto

In for Parts this week is a nice 2009 Jetta with just 178KM! This car has been in a front end collision, so some of the front end panels are damaged, and the airbags have been deployed. The engine and transmission are completely untouched and the vehicle can still run and drive in its current state. The engines runs strong with no hesitation or issues. The transmission shifts very well with no issues, and the TCM has no stored codes either. The remaining panels are in decent shape with just some scratches and nicks. Lots of clean interior parts from this car as well.
Vehicle ID:
Platinum Grey Metallic (LD7X)
Grey Cloth
178,201 km
Date Processed:
05 March 2018