2011 Volkswagen Golf
2.5L (CBTA/CBUA) ,
MAN 09G 6 spd Auto

We have our first Mk6 Golf in for parts today. This 2011 has suffered from a slight front end argument with a guardrail, but was still running and driving when we dismantled it. The engine and trans are both in great condition, the engine runs and drives well with no trouble codes. The trans is also in good working order but has minor damage to an electrical connector from the accident. The exterior, with the exception of the front clip, is in very good condition. All 4 doors, as well as the hatch and rear bumper are re-useable. The interior is very clean, and boasts comfy black cloth heated seats. Lots of great parts to be had off this car.
Vehicle ID:
Candy White (LB9A)
Black Cloth
111,213 km
Date Processed:
28 June 2018