2003 Volkswagen Golf GTI
1.8T (AWP) ,
FML 02M 6 spd Manual

Before we left our previous location, we ripped apart one last vehicle there. We had already begun to pack so the vehicle was not previously posted, until now. The vehicle in question is this 20th Anniversary GTI which has seen better days. The seats and aluminum trim were missing from the vehicle prior to dismantling, and the vehicle had been hit on the passenger side. The car also had clearly been sitting for some while. The vehicle had a shifting issue upon our test drive, it wouldn’t go into first, or easily reach any of the top gears. Upon removal, the transmission will freely, without any hesitation, shift between all 6 forward gears and reverse, leading us to believe the shifting issue was caused by a faulty shift cable. The trans will be sold AS-IS at a discounted rate. The vehicle also features many 20Th parts including a complete Black Headliner setup, red stitched seatbelt set, a full lip kit (front has crack), Lights, and more. There are also a few select upgrades on this vehicle including a 3” Downpipe, and short shifter.
Vehicle ID:
Black Magic Pearl (LC9Z)
GTI Recaro Cloth Interior
235,135 km
Date Processed:
16 May 2017