Sell your vehicle

Sell your vehicle

Sell or donate your vehicle

  •  Are you tired of your Volkswagen/Audi?
  •  Do you have a shiny new car sparkle in your eye?
  •  Does you car need more repairs than its worth?
  •  Do you want your Volkswagen/Audi to live on in dozens of other vehicles for years to come?

If you answered yes to any of the above, or just really want your car to come to us, we can help! Das Parts Inc. is always buying late model, year 2000 + Volkswagens and Audis to be dismantled for parts. We offer many benefits for you and your car when it comes to us!

First off, we pay well! We are always willing to give you a fair assessment of your vehicle, and will always offer more than the local scrap yard, and in most cases, the dealership trade in guys.

Secondly, you know you are making a quick and easy sale, we wont waste your time and we will pay what we say, no gimmicks and no Kijiji jokers.

Thirdly, we don’t just crush your old car into a cube, or just let it rot in a field. We recycle every last bit of every car we process, right down to making sure all fluids and gases get disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. We take any and all good parts left, clean them, and place them into our inventory, ready for their next use. Lastly, all metals get sorted and recycled separately for maximum recovery of materials. So when your car comes here, you can rest assured knowing that you’ve made a great choice for yourself, your environment, and many other Volkswagen/Audi owners who will benefit from the parts off your vehicle.

Want a quote on what your vehicle is worth to us?

Please fill out this form, give your best description and upload some pictures. This will help us judge the condition of your vehicle. You’re also welcome to drop in any day during business hours and we can look over your vehicle in person.

Once we’ve given you a quote, and if you choose to accept it, we can come within the next 48 hrs or less and remove your vehicle for free, leaving you with a fist full of cash! We also offer a small cash incentive if you’re able to deliver the car to our location in Cambridge.

If you’re not too worried about the fist full of cash, and would still like us to have your vehicle, we do accept donations as well. Please let us know if you’d like to donate your Volkswagen/Audi, and we can arrange for free towing within a 100KM radius of our location, and we’ll even give you a small gift in thanks for your support!

Disclaimer: We are not always able to purchase every vehicle that is offered to us. Occasionally we get more cars than we can handle, and other times cars might not meet certain quality standards we have in place. In these cases we can give you a few options including donation, or other recyclers who are constantly accepting vehicles.