2002 Volkswagen Jetta
1.8T (AWP) ,
EYN 09A 5 spd Auto

In for parts this week we have a few Mk4’s, starting with this 2002 Jetta. It may not look the greatest, but it does have two almost new front fenders, still in black primer, and even a few goodies! The AWP 1.8T engine runs very well, and has no faults despite the mileage. The auto trans however, is toast! The interior has a few gauges and not much else. The exterior included a GLI trunklid and updated taillights. Overall, lots of great parts here! Interested in parts from this car? Shot us a message or give us a call before they are all gone!
Vehicle ID:
Universal Black (L041)
Dark Grey Cloth
336,000 km
Date Processed:
04 February 2019