2001 Audi A4 Quattro
2.8L 30V V6 (AHA) ,
DAK 5 spd Auto

We have in for parts our first Audi of 2016! This car has a minor bump on the nose and came to us without an interior, but it has many good parts to give! The RF fender is immaculate and both bumpers are in good shape. The passenger side doors are not too bad either! The Engine runs very well, and while the trans has a light slip from 1-2 when cold, that completely goes away when warm. The engine does have an oil leak from the front main seal, and will most likely be dismantled for parts, so let us know what you need! We have more Audi parts in stock as well, if you need something just ask!
Vehicle ID:
Light Silver Metallic (LY7W)
Black Leather
304,000 km
Date Processed:
29 January 2016