2000 Volkswagen Jetta
1.9L TDI (ALH) ,
EGR 02J 5 spd Manual

We have our second silver Jetta of the week in for parts. This 2000 Jetta is Silver Arrow Metallic and has a well running ALH TDI Engine mated to a 5spd manual transmission. Even with the high mileage, this Jetta still runs and drives well and strong. If you need drivetrain components shoot us a message before they are gone, TDI parts always go fast! On the outside there is not much left to pick at, time has taken its toll on the exterior of this car. Most panels are faded, rusted, broken, dented, or a combination of the above. But the interior has some parts to offer. This car has some very unique Maroon leather seats we have never seen before, along with matching door cards. They’re not perfect, but they do look great!
Vehicle ID:
Silver Arrow Metallic (LG9R)
Maroon Leather
410,621 km
Date Processed:
01 May 2018