2007 Volkswagen GTI
2.0T FSI (BPY) ,
GVT 02Q 6spd Manual

We have in for parts this week an accident damaged 2007 GTI. Even though this car looks bad, the accident caused very minimal damaged and did not activate any airbags, or even cause any fluids to be leaked out. The car was still running and driving. The engine and transmission are both in excellent running and driving condition with no flaws, and the only related CEL fault codes were for a faulty leak detection pump and a coolant fan failure. The cam follower on the 2.0T FSI was also inspected and shows only regular wear with no damage to the cam or pump. The body has obvious accident damage and rust on the doors and hatch. The tires are pretty much cooked. The interior is in great shape with no major wear or flaws on anything.
Vehicle ID:
Candy White (LB9A)
Jacky Cloth
230,887 km
Date Processed:
06 December 2017